Careers & Jobs

MPA/MPP graduates use their degrees in a wide variety of positions and organizations serving the public interest at the global, national, state and local level. A typical graduate enters their professional career as a mid or upper level public manager or/and analyst. MPA/MPP graduates most frequently pursue their careers in the government (federal, state and local), non-profits (international and local), multilateral organizations (World Bank, UN, Asian Development Bank and other regional organizations) and consulting agencies. The functional areas MPA/MPP graduates work in usually include but are not limited to:

  • Fiscal management (budgeting, revenue & expenditure management)
  • Policy analysis (social, economic, political and feasibility analysis of policies, programs & reforms)
  • Policy research
  • Program development, planning and evaluation
  • Consulting for the public sector
  • Public management & accountability
  • Social investment & public relations
  • Foreign service
  • Information technology
  • Human resources
  • Relief and development related work
  • Emergency management
  • Institutional development & organizational restructuring
  • Change management
  • Social work
  • Security issues
  • Regional and urban planning

The policy and management areas MPA/MPP graduates work in include but are not limited to such rewarding but challenging public policy fields as:

  • Private sector regulation
  • Fiscal policy
  • Macroeconomic policy
  • Labor markets
  • Poverty reduction & development
  • Social policy
  • Global policy
  • Health policy
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Education policy
  • Human rights and good governance
  • Space exploration
  • and others

Enhance Your Career Choices with an MPA/MPP Degree

Professional career options of MPA/MPP graduates usually depend on the relative emphasis of a particular MPA/MPP program’s curriculum, available specializations/concentrations and developing job contacts by tapping into professional networks of the faculty and alumni.

Alumni career profiles of a particular MPA/MPP program contain important information about possible career options the graduates of that program can pursue. Almost every MPA/MPP program in the U.S. provides such information about their alumni and the jobs they are doing on their web sites.

Career Spectrum of MPA/MPP Graduates

The professional positions MPA/MPP graduates hold are diverse.

The career profiles of recent MPA graduates indicate that they have taken jobs as a Fellow at the White House, a city manager, a Regional Director at Kid’s Net, a Deputy Director at the Ministry for the Environment in Germany, a Deputy Director at the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism in Hawaii, a Policy Advisor for the UN Millennium Project, a Young Professional at the UNICEF, an Economist at the World Bank, a Political and Economic Officer at the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia, a Country Director of Oxfam in Sri Lanka, Investment Officer at the Inter-American Investment Corporation, a Business Planning Manager at the Opportunity International Network in Argentina, Economist at the Central Bank of Thailand, Research Officer at the UNDP, etc.

The career profiles of recent MPP graduates indicate that they have taken jobs as the President of Forbes Fund, a Senior Associate at the Center for the Support of Families, Policy Director at the Governor’s Office, a Presidential Management Fellow at the United States Agency for International Development, a Budget Analyst at the Massachusetts State House, an Executive Director of a not-for-profit, an Officer, Deputy Director at USAID/Russia, Staff Analyst at the Chicago Transit Authority, a Program Associate at Save the Children, etc.