NASPAA Releases Study of International Students in US Graduate Schools of Public Affairs

Date: 15 Aug 2008

A new report released by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (based in Washington, D.C.) in August 2008 shows that Asian students are continuing to dominate overseas enrollments in American schools of public policy, administration, and management. China, India, and Korea are among the top sources of international students in both master's and doctoral programs. The study also found that in comparison with five years ago, more international students receiving degrees from US public affairs schools are planning to return to their home countries, rather than stay in the US or venture to a third country. NASPAA Executive Director Laurel McFarland, who also co-authored the report with Carmen Apaza, said, "This report shows that American graduate schools of public affairs are continuing to appeal to international students. These students bring invaluable perspective to our classrooms, and our schools are committed to ensuring our curriculum remains relevant to their interests and career goals." The full text of the report can be found here.